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GLOBAL – Each year, brand consultancy Interbrand publishes its top 100 list of global brands. A place on the list is definitely a good thing. Even better is a place in the top ten – and we’re pleased to say that Nokia has come in this year at number eight. What does this mean and why does it matter? Read on for the details.

The survey aims to identify the companies with the highest level of brand recognition – the ones that are most familiar to most people. While familiarity is by no means the only way in which brands should be measured, it does give an indication of Nokia’s reach across the world and the extent to which it is embedded in the popular imagination.

As we’ve been reporting throughout Nokia World, Nokia seeks to become the world’s mobile phone manufacturer, supplying devices to suit every budget and every need. If all goes according to plan, then we can look forward to our position rising as the possibility of connecting with Nokia reaches the furthest corners of the earth.

image credit: gnrwndr87

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