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LONDON, England – Nokia brings a new app to your fingertips on Symbian^3 devices. It’s simply named ‘Social’. Social allows you to connect to all your networking sites with one application rather than having to load an app for each, making connecting to your friends and family, easier and quicker. With Social on board, there’s no excuse for not keeping up-to-date with your friends.

There are two ways this app can be used. The first is that you can run it straight from the homescreen as a live widget, allowing you to read up-to-date status messages from friends, and it’ll also let you know when you receive any messages in your inbox. Second, clicking the Social app takes you further into your networks, and it is from there that you start to notice that this one app has many uses:

  • Upload photos, with the ability to tag yourself and friends in the photo, much like you do on Facebook.
  • Select multiple photos to post online at once.
  • Upload videos.
  • Add your location to your status, using the built in GPS to let all your friends know where you are. Should you want to that is.
  • Transfer your Facebook events right into your phone calendar. Meaning you have no excuse to miss another birthday party.
  • Download your contact list from one or all of your social networks, including photos.

Social works on the new Symbian platform so it’ll be ready for you to use right out of the box on the new devices, the N8, C7, C6-01 and E7 that we have seen this week at Nokia World.¬†Currently, the sites supported are Facebook, Twitter, RenRen and Orkut, with more services being added in the coming months.