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LONDON, England – Those of you following Nokia World last week will have spotted the new addition to the Conversations crew – irkafirka. They kept the show lively with regular tweet responses in cartoon form during the show (follow @nokiafirka for more) and now they’re rolling out a weekly cartoon for the comment of the week. Read on after the jump to find out more.

Last week we had a cacophony of comments from Nokia World, many revolving around the new devices announced. However, the irkafirka chaps picked something unique out for treatment, which asked if Plum was going to be integrated into Nokia devices. We don’t know the answer, yet, but we have asked the question.

Cycnus, the winning commenter, will be getting a framed copy of the original drawing in the post. The rest of you, meanwhile, will have a chance to have your own comment transformed into an amusing cartoon. The team will be picking comments out every Friday from the preceding week’s activities and immortalize them on (digital) paper for the following Monday. This week’s is below. Now, get commenting!