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LONDON, England – With first auditions complete, and bootcamp only five days away, The X Factor finalists will be singing their hearts out, and you can follow their steps along every part of their journey. With the exclusive The X Factor app from Nokia, you can read the latest news, watch audition videos and catch up with what’s happening back-stage, all free of charge. Read on after the jump for the lowdown.

If you’re an X Factor fan, come Monday morning you’ll want to chat to your friends all about the latest gossip from the weekend’s show. The X Factor app has page after page of gossip and stories to look through, and the best place to start is with the Editor’s Picks; here you’ll find the best bits all rolled into one page with access to previous week’s videos and behind the scenes photos of the new bootcamp arrivals.

Video junkies will love the packed-to-the-gills video section, where you can catch up on bits from previous episodes, tune into some of the better performers and gawp at some of the worst. This, as it turns out, was one of my favourite bits of the app.

Sharing is caring though, even when it comes to The X Factor. There’s no point having a laugh at something if you can’t share it with your friends. Doing this is easy from within the app, with the option to share bits on Facebook and Twitter. You can also rate specific bits by giving them a thumbs up or thumbs down (the app equivalent of three “nos”).

The X Factor app is available, for free, for the Nokia 5228, 5230, 5530, C6, 5800, X6, N97, N97 Mini, and can be downloaded from the Ovi Store – let us know what you think below.