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GLOBAL – A few weeks ago, we asked how many apps you had downloaded over the last three months in our ‘How many apps?’ poll. Plenty of you ticked the right boxes, and the polling station is now closed. The votes have now been counted, checked twice and we can now reveal the results. Check them out after the jump..

Over 32 per cent of you have downloaded between six and 15 apps to your device. This tallies with the results from a similar poll last year, with a similar number of apps per device being popular.

In second place was one to five apps. 25 per cent of you chose this option which shows us that more than almost 70 per cent of you have downloaded more than five apps in the last three months. The next biggest chunk though was pretty impressive with almost one in every five of you downloading between 16 and 30 apps. That was just three per cent more than those of you who had downloaded 30+ apps, with 16 per cent of the vote.

Only seven per cent of you have downloaded no apps in the last three months. What’s the deal, haven’t you been to Ovi Store recently? Judging by the comments on the original poll, it could well be that you’re happy with your device as it is. Alternatively, it could be that you haven’t seen the recent improvements to the Ovi Store, particularly when it comes to the quality and range of apps available.

What do you think of the results? Are you happy without extra apps? Or want as many as your phone can take? Don’t forget to let us know below.