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LONDON, England – Last week, Nokia World 2010 came to town and stayed for a couple of days. With the venue full of developers, press and Nokia folk, four new devices were released into the wild. The Symbian^3 powered Nokia E7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 and the new Touch and Type device, the Nokia C3, along with a new version of Ovi Maps. Now it’s time to look back and see what the reactions were – which devices caught people’s attention, which new features made the headlines. Read on after the jump to find out what the (virtual) papers had to say.

The Nokia E7 seemed to cause the most chatter among the audience when it was announced. These murmurs continued online, and NokiaUsers had this to say:

“Ok, the E7 don’t have a MicroSD slot, so what, it does better than that, and comes with what the N8 boasts, a true Plug and Play USB experience with thumb-drives, and external Hard-drives.

One of the demo E7’s at Nokia World was connected up to a 350GB HDD with no lag, no compromises in running times, nothing, impressive!”

Engadget took the time to write a two-part review on the E7. Part one talks about the Clear Black Display(CBD).

“The screen is simply gorgeous — ClearBlack may be a gimmicky trademark, but CBD’s black levels are no joke. We’re definitely talking Super AMOLED degrees of awesome, which means that Samsung’s stranglehold on badass mobile displays was pretty short-lived.”

Part two also comments on the new display, but this time compares it to another manufacturer in full sunlight conditions, with a video review.

“With both displays set to 100 percent brightness, we’d say that the EPD had a very very slight edge”

Everybody was thrilled to see new President and CEO Stephen Elop, as he made a surprise appearance at the end of day two, and Gizmodo offers some advice on what they think he should focus on, with their top ten tips.

“Nokia’s new CEO, former Microsoft executive Stephen Elop, will bring a touch of Silicon Valley to the Finnish cellphone giant. But there’s a lot more Elop is going to have to do to get Nokia back on track.”

All About Symbian reflect on the top ten things they took away from Nokia World this year (and we don’t mean gifts), and also some words of advice for Nokia. It seems they enjoyed the fire and passion coming from Anssi Vanjoki.

“Anssi Vanjoki, clearly ready to hit one out of the park in his last keynote, continued the fire. For the last year, Nokia have been keeping their powder dry. Now was the time to light the fuse. And they certainly managed that.”

Over at GigaOM, they talk about the difficulties developers face when building apps, and how the new Symbian platform makes it easier and faster to develop these with its use of Qt.

“It’s almost a challenge for me to believe the many positives I heard, simply because Nokia and Ovi aren’t strong brands in the U.S. Looking from the perspective of developers that market their wares in 190 countries, however, provides a totally different picture.”

So, what were your thoughts on Nokia World this year? Were you there? Let us know in the comments below.