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GLOBAL – Sometimes you want to capture the full beauty of a landscape, only to be let down by the ability of your camera. It just can’t fit it all in. What you need is a panoramic camera, but they can be costly, and rather large too. Nokia Panorama from the Ovi Store transforms your Nokia N900 into a smooth panoramic image machine. Read on for our review of Mobile Panorama. Update: now also available for the Nokia N8.

Firstly, I should mention that this isn’t the only panoramic software for a Nokia device, or even for the N900, but it is one of the better, easier ones I’ve used. Nokia Panorama allows you to point and scan the horizon with you phone, and it tells you to go ‘up a bit’ or ‘down a bit’ when you go a little off track while panning, like I inevitably always do with this type of software. This app automatically takes the photos for you once it aligns itself with the previous photo, meaning your end result should always be picture perfect, and possibly less likely to suffer from camera shake.

The user interface is very simple and the options screen is pretty self-explanatory, meaning that there’s little chance of you making a mistake. At worst, you may want to do some work on the levels in PhotoShop, or similar, but then, that’s true of most mobile camera shots anyway.

I went out today and took this panoramic image. My first attempt was of my kitchen wall. While the software worked, it lacked a certain poetry. So I decided to venture out for my second shot, which is no less unpoetic, but slightly more interesting.

Click the image for a larger, more detailed shot.

You can see from the photo that the images are stitched together seamlessly, although it has removed the bottom of a signpost. But for the first attempt, it does exactly as it should do, really easily.

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Nokia Panorama is available from the Ovi Store and is free to download. Give it a try, and let us know how you get on in the comments below.

Update: The guys from the Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto – who developed the app – have been in touch with a little extra information. The Panorama app is now also available from Ovi Store for the new Nokia N8.