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GLOBAL – Nokia is the world’s most dominant platform when it comes to browsing the mobile Web, according to Opera’s monthly report on web usage. 16 out of the top 20 countries use a Nokia device to connect to the on-line world. So how has Nokia risen to the top of the charts? And how do they know? Read on for more details.

Every month, Opera delves into its Opera Mini servers, and creates a report based on the aggregated information held within. This is called the State of the Mobile Web report. This report goes on to detail the types of handset used, the top sites visited, and also the number of page-views by a user when online. The report looks at the top 20 countries (according to Opera Mini users), and puts them side by side for easy comparison.

The August 2010 report breaks down the top 20 countries further and shows the top 10 devices used in each of those countries, and the results are impressive. In 16 out of 20 countries, a Nokia was the top device, and it’s also worth noting that in 8 out of those 20 countries, Nokia held all top ten spots.

Opera first developed a mobile browser in 1998, and released Opera Mini in 2005, which works on any phone that offers Java. Last month (August), Opera Mini had over 66.5 million users and its users viewed 33.9 billion pages, an increase of 143.2 per cent since the same time last year.

They’re some amazing facts and figures, and the amount of people using the mobile Web is sure to continue to rise. Do you use the web on the move, or do you wait to sit at a computer? Let us know below.

Featured Image: anitakhart