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GLOBAL – Another week has been and gone, which can only mean one thing. Well, two things actually. Today is Friday, and it’s also time for our Friday Pick and Mix. This is where we browse the Web for phone related ‘goodies’, and also other funnies. Don’t forget to tell us which one is your favourite, once you’ve read through them.

  • Nokia Australia have launched a competition where you can be photographed by celebrity
 photographer David 
LaChapelle, using the new amazing Nokia N8. Follow the footsteps of Alicia Keyes, Lady Gaga, David Beckham or David Bowie and sit yourself in front of the lens, and prepare to look stunning. Head over to Nokia Australia’s Facebook page for all the details, and how to enter.
  • Vikram Dasgupta plays a rather moving Nokia advert on his Vimeo account, although we’ve never seen it before. It shows how Nokia connects people, even in the autumn years of their lives, using innovation.
  • Here’s something where you can do good for the world. Oxfam Donate is an app that can be installed on your phone, allowing you to help save the world with your donations. The Ovi Blog guys talk more about it here.
  • The guys over at interview Damian Dinning, using a Nokia N8. Damian explains really well why the camera on-board the N8 is of such a high quality, as the video demonstrates.
  • If like me, you like a little bit of sci-fi every once in a while, then this Pizza slicer will be right up your alley. Its design is based on the Starship Enterprise. Yes, that’s right. From Star Trek. Rev engines up to warp five, and head over to ThinkGeek where you can buy one. It looks pretty cool, in that geeky sort of way.
  • This one is just for fun, as it’s Friday. If you’ve ever spent hours browsing YouTube (or if you haven’t you’ve missed the next bit), you’ll remember the very cute and funny Surprised Kitty. There’s been a remake. And this time, it features a Surprised Darth Vader. It had me cracking up.

Well, those are the stories that made it into my bookmark section this week. However if you think you know of a site that’s worth following or if you have any thoughts on the above stories, we’re always happy to hear about it.