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GLOBAL – If there’s ever been a battle between good and evil, then this is it. Angry Birds gives you the chance to right those wrongs, and get your own back on those evil little pigs who crept into your nest and stole your freshly laid eggs. But how will you take revenge? With your arsenal of birds, each with different special combat skills. Read on for this week’s app review.

For those who have not heard of Angry Birds, then let me try to tempt you out from under your rock, and I’ll tell you all about it. You play the game from the Angry Bird’s perspective, and you need to get your eggs back from the green pigs. I’m not sure why they’re green but it makes you want to attack them even more. The only weapons you have at hand, or wing, is a giant catapult and a selection of birds to fire from the catapult. Each type of bird has a different killer move, for example the yellow bird flies through the air like a rocket, and the round black bird acts like an exploding cannon ball causing heavy damage. That one is my favourite.

The plan is to launch your birds at the pigs, who have found shelter behind or inside various obstacles, and ultimately win back your precious eggs.

Bounce and Angry Birds by Rovio Developed using Nokia Qt SDK

With 150 levels to play in total (after level pack downloads), Angry Birds is a hugely addictive game, and has kept me entertained for hours. The real challenge is trying to beat the scoring system and win yourself three stars on each level. Angry Birds is developed by Rovio Mobile ltd, and is currently available for the Nokia N900 and the Nokia N8.

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As usual, Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below. Have you managed to claim all three stars in every level yet?

Download Angry Birds from the Ovi Store – For Nokia N900
Download Angry Birds from the Ovi Store – For Nokia N8

Image credit: Rovio Mobile ltd