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GLOBAL – The makers of fizwoz, a cameraphone and web application for selling and buying photos, recently announced the results of a competition it ran around the football World Cup in which entrants submitted pictures and videos describing their feelings about the tournament. Nokia sponsored the competition prizes and we’re delighted to share a couple of the winning entries and – more importantly – the rather heartwarming winners’ stories.


This image was created by Gianfranco Rossi  – a contest winner from Cordoba, Argentina. He works in a call centre and is a student. He used a Nokia 5800XM to take his contest photo submission. He told us:

To me winning means hope, because I never won a contest before, and now I feel like I can win, so maybe some other time I can win again. I was really needing the money, because I have to buy 5 really expensive books for college, so I am very thankful to Fizwoz.

Allan Kabinga from Nairobi, Kenya is a student and used a Nokia E90 to take his contest photo submission:

Winning means that I am able to achieve my goal of helping my cousin with his tuition fees and developing my hobby of photography.

Irfan Anil Samuel from Pakistan is a student of 3-D Animation; used a Nokia N82 to take his contest photo submission:

In the evening, I met my friends with whom I play football. They came to inform me that there’s going to be a football tournament next month and we should start practicing. Also we need a proper kit, for which we have to raise money. So I told them I’ll be contributing for kits of the team.  The prize money just came in time!

To be very honest, I still can’t believe it that I’ve won. I was not hoping that I have a chance to win among so many great entries. I love photography and regularly post on flickr but this competition and fizwoz has given me confidence to shoot more than usual photos which I can upload for bidding.

And finally, the overall winner was this entry from Rodrigo Pessin in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He’s an Actor and used a Nokia N97 to take his contest photo submission:


I intend to use the prize money to celebrate my 40th birthday. I’ll buy a nice camera, travel and photograph much. I hope to send many FIZWOZ.  Also invest in my career, doing a good acting class.

The photo was taken with a Nokia N97. All my phones are Nokia, since the first. And I do not want change. The N900 will confirm my passion for the brand.

Winning to me means that everything we do with pleasure brings positive results. And that’s fulfillment. I had great fun participating in this contest. And I thank the whole team Fizwoz for this great opportunity.

The rest of the winning entries can be seen over on the competition results page. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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