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GLOBAL – Today is Friday, which means it’s the end of another week and the beginning of a new weekend. Let’s celebrate by taking a look at all the other goings on from around the World Wide Web, in this week’s Pick and Mix.

  • Some of you may not have noticed that has a Nokia Software Update News page. It keeps you up to data with the latest software releases, and the latest piece to catch our eye is the Midnight Theme package for the Nokia N8. Head on over now, to find out how to download the new themes.
  • Issue two of Ovi magazine, your guide to Ovi by Nokia is now available to download or read online. The 44 pages are packed with tips and useful information from What is Ovi? to How to set up Mail.
  • Oxfam and Nokia have teamed up to develop an app that allows you to help people who need it, should a natural disaster strike at any time. Why not help, and download Oxfam Donate today.
  • David LaChapelle is set to turn normal people into glamourous stars in their very own photo shoot. This video from Nokia Australia talks you through it.
  • British researchers estimate that mobile phones are home to 18 times more bacteria than a flush handle in a typical men’s restroom. This story talks about the downside of touch screen devices when it comes to your health. So be careful when passing your phone between friends.

So, what do you make of our little collection of bookmarks this week? If you feel we need to be keeping our eyes on other sites, let us know in the comments below.