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GLOBAL – Now that you’ve given David Bailey a run for his photography-money, it seems like a terrible shame to keep your photos on your phone or computer. Let’s check out some of the ways you can share them with the world!

Camera phones are becoming very good at taking photos – and the Nokia N8 is better than many of the compact cameras out there. With all these great photos, you can really go to town on bulking up your photography portfolio. You’ll even be taking photos in situations where you normally wouldn’t have thought to bring a camera. But wait – your phone isn’t just a great camera, it’s a fantastic internet device, too, so you can share your photos with the world right there and then!

Where to share your photos

Facebook is an obvious place to share the photos you take of your friends and family, but for more artistic photos, why not consider showing them off them to a wider audience of friends and strangers alike? On sites like Ovi Share, Flickr, DeviantArt and PhotoSIG, you can display your photos in all their Technicolor glory, get some great feed-back on your snaps, and start building a selection of your very best photos, too.

Flickr is free, well-established, and easy to use
Over on DeviantArt, expect a strong community and some good feedback on your photos

How to get your pictures out there

Your Nokia N8 will have a whole range of clever ways of distributing your photos online: There are applications for sharing photos directly to photo sharing sites, of course, but it often means you can only share it to one site at the time. What if you want to share it with all your photo sites at once?

An often-overlooked feature of image sharing sites is that it’s possible to e-mail your photos to them directly. How it works is that the photo sharing site gives you a secret e-mail address you can e-mail your photos to. When it receives your photos, it’ll know they are from you, and publishes them directly to your profile. There’s nothing stopping you from e-mailing your favourite photos to several photo sites at once – and the subject of your e-mail will be used as the picture title or caption. Perfect – check out the settings page for each of the sites you use to find the instructions for how to set up your secret e-mail address, and off you go!

Remember to check back on your photos from time to time – it’d be a shame if you miss great advice and praise from your fellow photographers!