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LONDON, United Kingdom – Monday night saw the theatrical premiere of the latest comedy action film to hit the silver screen, The Commuter, starring Dev Patel, Charles Dance, Ed Westwick and Pamela Anderson. Why do we care? Because the whole thing was shot on the Nokia N8 and gives a great testimony to its film-making prowess. Check out the video after the break.

Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel plays the main character and said that the idea of the film being shot on a mobile phone was his main interest in getting involved in the project. He said: “I’m always interested in embracing new technology in film making and the main reason I really wanted to get involved with ‘The Commuter’ was because it was being shot just on mobile phones.”

“I wanted to encourage the next generation of filmmakers by showing that you don’t need expensive equipment and big budgets to make your own movies. The quality of a camera phone, like the Nokia N8 allows filmmakers to produce amazing HD movies and I hope ‘The Commuter’ shows aspirational filmmakers that you can create a great movie even using a mobile phone.”

Note that you’ll need to go to the YouTube page to see The Commuter in its full 720p glory. Also, if you’re mainly interested in seeing the quality, you might want to fast-forward – the widescreen doesn’t come into full use until around the 1:45 mark.

Fans of mobile film-making might also be interested in checking out the Nokia HD Vimeo page – a growing collection of films shot using the Nokia N8. Dragonfly Love is our current favourite – what’s yours?