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GLOBAL – Today’s the day where we tug on the various strands of the World Wide Web, see what’s stuck at the other end of it and then reel it in. You guys always have lots to say and we’ve decided we need to spread your thoughts and opinions further into the wild. Join us after the break for this Friday’s Pick and Mix.

  • Nokia hit the top position three times this week from Mobile Choice awards. Nokia won Manufacturer of the Decade. The Nokia N8 won Best Camera Phone and the Nokia N8 also made it as Best Sat-Nav, beating the Dell Streak, Apple iPhone 4 and even the Garmin Asus Nuvifone.
  • Opera Mini 5.1 is now available for Symbian S60 devices, meaning anyone on a limited data plan can still browse the Internet and not run up huge billing costs. share the story and also some links that explain the news further.
  • The Ovi Blog folks have been running a series on Halloween related articles and today they want to know where are you going to celebrate Halloween?
  • Still on the Halloween theme but not quite phone related, here’s a Halloween video*, using stop motion. Take a look to see what evil pumpkins get up to when left alone. *Contains mild peril.
  • According to a report by Bytemobile, smartphone users are watching more and more videos on their devices, through such sites like YouTube. Most are watching low resolution video but would prefer to watch in higher resolution if the network would allow. There are some interesting figures on video usage and all data can be found in an article by ComputerWorldUK.

What do you think of our pick this week? Let us know below if you’d like to see us follow anything else for next week.