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GLOBAL – Everyone’s interested in MeeGo, including the boys from irkafirka, who have managed to come up with their own custom user experience for the operating system. The drawing was sparked by kamuscasio’s comment: “Please, at least show us how the UX you’re developing for meego looks like.. A snapshot will do =)”. Check out their crayon creation after the break. We’re sure the design team will be delighted…


As usual, kamuscasio wins a framed copy of the print.

By the way, regular readers will have noticed that we’ve switched to the Disqus commenting system. It’s far more functional than the vanilla commenting, easier to use and looks nicer too. However, it hasn’t remotely finished processing the 35,000+ comments in the database – so you’ll notice that there are missing comments – including the one from kamuscasio. As the system completes its import, they should reappear.