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´╗┐GLOBAL – If you’ve been following the Nokia N8 camera school for the past two weeks, then you’ll know all about the amazing capabilities of the 12-megapixel camera. But once you’ve taken that photo, what do you do with it? You can fancy it up using the pre-loaded photo editing software that comes on new Symbian devices, and we’ll show you how.

Once you’ve taken that snap of your photogenic friend or newly born puppy, you can edit the photo right there on the Nokia N8 without having to upload the photo to your computer, meaning you never have to find that cable you put in a drawer, somewhere. Photo editor is launched automatically from the Photo gallery of your Nokia N8 and once loaded, you’ll be able to crop images, reduce red eye, add animations or add other special effects.

Nokia N8-00_001.png

Cropping images lets you cut out the unnecessary bits in the background, like someone else’s head or a tree and lets you focus peoples attention on what matters, the subject in the photograph. Once you’ve cropped out all the clutter you can then start to add extra special effects to make that photo sparkle a little more, or to add something funny to the scene. You may have taken a photo of a family member asleep on the couch after a sunday lunch and you can attach a thought bubble over their head to show what they’re dreaming about. Why not make it funny? You could even stick on a funny moustache or a silly hat to help lighten the mood even more.

Nokia N8-00_002.png
Nokia N8-00_003.png

Another thing you could try is taking a photo of an old church, use the effects tab to turn the photo to black and white to create a darker atmosphere to make it spooky or add some lighting effects to make it seem even more peaceful and angelic.

Red-eye turns even the most innocent child into a mischievous looking mis-fit, but that can easily be fixed using the red eye removal tool. If you’ve forgotten to use the appropriate flash mode, select the photo with the glowing eyes and press the red eye button, then press the screen where you want to remove the red, follow that by OK and you’ve instantly turned that demon-child back into a cute-looking kid.

Nokia N8-00_004.png

Once you’ve made the edits to your photo you can save it for viewing later, Bluetooth it or download it to your computer. Or you can use PixelPipe to share it on social networks.

What do you think of the photo editing software? Have you any photos on the Nokia N8 yet? Give it a go and even share them with us in the comments below.