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GLOBAL – Friday’s the day that the week ends and the weekend begins. It’s also the day we browse the Net and see what other people have to offer. We’ve collected a heap of videos shot entirely using the Nokia N8 and we’ve got a Q&A session from our very own Mark Squires who’s the director of social media at Nokia. Read on for Friday’s Pick and Mix.

  • Mark Squires, director of social media at Nokia and the man who founded Nokia Conversations spends some time with Graham Charlton from for a little Q&A session. He answers questions on how many visitors Conversations gets, how big the team is and what the problems are when setting up social media channels.
  • Otto Tikka, from the Finnish National Floorball Team, hits a ball reaching speeds of over 200 km/h and films it using a Nokia N8. Measuring the speed with Speedhero for the Nokia N8. While I can’t understand what they’re saying, it’s impressive to watch him hit that ball at those speeds.
  • How did you like The Commuter video, shot entirely using the Nokia N8? Here’s another mini home-made movie, but this time the action comes from three lovely ladies, Charlie’s Angels style. I like this movie, for several reasons. What do you think of it?
  • Want to see how many apps you can run on the Nokia N8 at the same time? This video shows somebody multitasking with 21 programs and all running smoothly. How many have you had running in total?
  • Dragonfly Love is another video shot from start to finish using the Nokia N8. It’s great to see people taking the video camera on this phone seriously and the results are always awesome.
  • Anybody thinking of making a video using the Nokia N8 can upload their video to Vimeo, use the tag Nokia N8 and they might have their film featured for all to see on the Nokia Vimeo page. We look forward to sharing your videos on here in future Pick and Mix’s.

What do you make of our pickings this week? Tell us in the comments below.