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GLOBAL – If you’re into all things funny, then you’ll like this new app to appear on Ovi Store. JokeyPhone is a great new way of letting people hear your new one-liner or just a great place to practice your comedy timing and get feedback, all viewed and filmed from your Nokia device. Continue reading for our review of JokeyPhone. was created in 2008 and calls itself

Smashing, dashing and brilliant!… And modest!

The main goals of JokeyPhone are to make people laugh while offering three services.

  • View jokes
  • Tell your own jokes to the world
  • Re-telling jokes you think you can perform better

Being the funny man, or woman, in your group of friends doesn’t just require excellent timing, it also requires some funny jokes. After all, timing is nothing if you’ haven’t got a joke in the first place. JokeyPhone lets you listen to other funny people, or people who think they’re funny, and get some ideas for your next night out with your pals. It’s not only a great place to build up your repertoire, but if you want to be known as a comedian worldwide, you can post yourself online for all to see and have that stand-up moment you’ve always secretly wanted. One cool feature is that you can record your joke with the video camera on your phone using front-facing camera or the main camera at the back. Although using the camera at the back means you have to hold your arms out, reverse the phone and hope your head is in shot, so it might take a few attempts.

Once you’ve launched JokeyPhone you’ll see the homescreen is full of thumbnails of the Jokesters. They’re the people telling the joke, along with the joke name and whether it’s safe to view for all ages or not. Once you’ve watched a gag, finding the next one is simple. Just swipe your finger across the screen to scroll through the jokes and once you’ve finished in that category, use the category bar at the bottom to browse the rest. The Bar Jokes channel is my favourite.

It’s good to laugh, but even more fun if you can share that moment with others. If you come across a joke that you think your friends would find funny too, clicking the Facebook or Twitter icon while watching a video posts the video to your wall or status update for all to see.

In the interest of research and dedication to my job, I’ve given it a go with a child-friendly joke, but I warn you, I’m no comedian. But it’s quite fun to do. Please rate me kindly: you can find it at

JokeyPhone is available for S60v5 and Symbian^3 devices. So why not download JokeyPhone from Ovi Store, it’ll cost you nothing and let us know what you think of it. Or, join in the fun and post your clip here for us all to have a laugh at. Or not, like mine.