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GLOBAL – So we’ve covered some of the top free games. Now its time to look at the top free business apps for the Nokia N8. Not everyone’s into gaming, so let’s not forget the people who like to use their phone to be more efficient and get more done while they’re on the move. Want to know what those apps are? Keep reading.

Currencies Touch, Free

Offscreen Technologies announced back in April that their apps have been downloaded more than 25 million times and from 210 countries on Ovi Store. Later, in June, Forum Nokia revealed the downloads had increased to 34 million. So they’re no strangers to developing games or apps. Currencies Touch is another to add to their list.

Currencies Touch is such a simple app, but it’s also very useful. If you’re out of the country, you need to be able to track your spending habits, as it’s not always an easy thing to do. I, for one, am somewhat useless when it comes to keeping my eye on currency and conversation rates and I’m always having to second guess when spending money abroad. I just never know how much I’m actually spending. This app does all the hard work for you. First, you need to select the currencies you wish to convert, then start typing an amount of money in one of the boxes and you’ll see the app convert the figure for you as you type. Leaving you with the conversion in the other box. That’s it. There’s nothing else to do, but spend your money, knowing you’re not blindly handing over the entire contents of your current account.

Bloomberg, Free

Bloomberg started in 1981 and has been providing the world with news ever since. However, it’s a news channel with a difference, as it offers information aimed at benefiting businesses and helping them be more profitable.

This app is full of the latest market data, analysis, oil prices and stock info, which actually takes a while to look through as it’s so comprehensive. The news section updates itself every time you click the news button, so you’ll always be up-to-date with the latest goings on from across the globe. By default, the news feed will show you Worldwide and Exclusive content, but you can edit this to include other news that you find more relevant, such as Health Care, Politics or Technology.

You’ve also got the option to send those news articles to your colleagues if you’ve just read that the price of gold has dropped, for example. It could be important to a business. I would say that unless you’re really interested in business news, most of the information would be irrelevant. Having said that, it is a good place to keep an eye on any shares you’ve invested in. I’ve got shares in a several companies, but I often go weeks without checking how they’re doing, so having this app on my phone makes it easy to keep my eye on them. Plus you’ve got a nice widget that you can put on your homescreen which makes it even easier still.

ComingNext, Free

ComingNext was created by independent software developer Michael Prager.

ComingNext is an app that displays more then the standard two upcoming appointments on your calendar widget. So for those people with back to back meetings throughout the week, you’ll be able to see where you’re supposed to be and when without having to load up the calendar. With the added feature of being able to choose how many appointments to display on the one widget, I’ve found six seems to be the most you can fit comfortably, even then, people with bad eye-sight may find the text to tiny to read.

It’s a good app if you’re on the run all day, but need your plans all laid out in one view. I’m hoping Michael adds more functionality to the app, though: more widgets would be useful.Then I could really put my whole week’s calendar on one homescreen.

Do you find these apps useful? As usual, let us know with your comments below.