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GLOBAL – Here’s Friday’s round-up of the interesting, the thought-provoking and the downright weird from the world of mobile blogs and publications. We don’t care if it’s a Fleet Street newspaper or a lone writer blogging in their bedroom: if it’s mobile and it makes us think, then it’s in.

  • Touch screens for Finnish winters? The team at NRC Tampere in Finland has created a giant touchscreen out of ice. They really love the cold over there. (via. NokiaUsers)
  • A tad more practically, NRC also demonstrated their Plug and Touch technology at SEE 2010 last week, which can transform a regular digital TV into a giant touchscreen interface. Another video on the Symbian blog – also from SEE – shows how haptic feedback from touch screens might be refined to communicate weight and textures on future devices.
  • Mobile devices and a pair of earbuds can offer a very welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life. But could this have a harmful aspect? Psychologist Dr Jim Taylor asks the question and says he sees, “too many people who are using technology to escape from rather than engage in life”.
  • Nothing can defeat a determined Nokia N900 user. MyNokiaBlog’s Jay Montano managed to connect an RJ-45 cable to get Internet for his device when both WiFi and mobile reception let him down.
  • The first reviews of the new Nokia C6-01 are starting to appear. We’ll do a round up when there’s more, but for now, here’s AllAboutSymbian’s first impression and GSMArena’s eight-page mega-review. They’re both pretty impressed.
  • I don’t think Nokia Conversations has linked to Bill Gates’ blog before. But here’s an interesting post from the man himself talking about the ways that mobiles can help improve people’s health in developing countries.
  • On a similar theme, Raj Singh writes about the ways that mobiles might be used to improve everyone’s health through behaviouralist manipulation. Perhaps happily, he concludes that actually it’s people, not technology, that changes behaviour.
  • And finally. Are you going to a party this weekend? Make sure you don’t wake up with some major regrets thanks to DrinkLess, now available on Ovi Store. (via OviDailyApp).

As ever, let us know if we’ve missed something special in the comments and we’ll check it out for next week’s post.