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GLOBAL – Nokia and Disney have teamed up to celebrate the release of the upcoming movie – TRON: Legacy – which is out on the big screen in December. To mark this occasion, Nokia have a new collection of videos, apps, ringtones and images from Ovi Store. Oh, and let’s not forget tickets to the premiere in LA and London to be won, exclusively here on Nokia Conversations. Read on to find out more.

Many of you may already have noticed that your Nokia N8 came pre-loaded with a variety of HD trailers of the new movie. And you’ll see that the digital universe of TRON is perfectly suited to the features of the Nokia N8. The HD playback shows off the film’s ultra futuristic, visually-stunning effects. Pair that with the Dolby 5.1 surround sound and you can hear those light cycles whizzing past you, really immersing you in the action.

The Nokia N8 also makes its movie debut and has a small but very important role. We can’t tell you what that role is, which means you’ll just have to watch the movie to find out. After all, we can’t tell you everything here, can we?

To mark this partnership, Nokia is offering two lucky people the chance to win a pair tickets to the London and Hollywood premiere of TRON: Legacy. Making you one of the first to see it and the envy of all your friends.

The London premiere will take place on December 5th at The Empire in Leicester Square, followed by an after-party. And the premiere in Los Angeles will happen on December 11th at the El Capitan Theatre.

We must point out that we can’t provide any transportation or flights to either of these events. So if you win the tickets, you’ll need to find our own way there.

Treasure Hunt

Fancy winning? Well, pay attention, ‘cos here’s how. At the bottom of this post there’s an image, and we’ve hidden three more images, randomly, in some of our stories from the past week, all you need to do is find them. In the right order, these four images spell out a word that you need to piece together. Once you’ve found all four, email [email protected] with the completed word, along with the URL where each image came from. Don’t forget to tell us your preference of premiere, LA or London. The two winners will be the first ones to email the correct answer. Happy hunting and good luck.

For those not lucky enough to win the tickets, Nokia have provided a feast of unique and exclusive content that can be downloaded from Ovi Store. Start with some behind the scenes video content, followed by the TRON Challenge app, with integration into Ovi Maps for some localised geo-fun. Then wash all that down with some wallpapers or ringtones to Encom-ify your new Nokia N8.

For those unaware of Tron, here’s a recap. Tron is a film created in 1982 which featured extensive computer graphics and saw it’s main character Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges create an electronic world which he was able to step inside and interact with. TRON: Legacy is the same idea, but is set 20 years in the future. Jeff Bridges returns as the main character and so does his younger self, created entirely by CGI. Battles and light cycle races ensue in modern-day stunning graphics.

Plug yourself into the grid with some exclusive content from Ovi Store.

The first Tron clue - three more to find

Update: The two winners are Cody Lawrence for the LA premiere and Heather Taylor for the London event. Well done both, and thanks everyone else for entering. We can see we’ll have to make it much harder next time!