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GLOBAL – It’s time, once again, for this week’s round-up of mobile bloggage and reporting from around the World Wide Web. These are the stories that found their way into our bookmarks folder for reading and sharing at a later date. Some are serious; some are silly. But all of them are worth a look, we think.

  • Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to our US readers. While mobiles can provide a great way to keep in touch with the family, it’s probably worth giving it a rest while you settle down to your turkey dinner. Two New York ad executives have asked families to “give thanks, not thx” this Thanksgiving.
  • Tomi Ahonen cites a great example of museums using mobiles to get kids more engaged with the exhibits and learning more that we ever did on the old-fashioned class trip. Visit times used to last 20 minutes on average, but since they introduced mLearning, as it’s known, that time’s gone up to 90 minutes.
  • The Beta Labs folk are always coming up with new features for your phone. Nokia Notifications has now passed its beta stage and is available for Nokia N97, 97mini and C6 users from Ovi Store – here. The app gathers together all your reminders, messages and missed calls and pulls them together in one convenient widget.
  • Thanks to SymbianTweet for a heads-up that Opera Mobile, an alternative web browser for your mobile, has been upgraded. Version 10.1 apparently boosts page speeds with a new Javascript engine and offers geolocation with websites that use it.
  • If you’ve already graduated from the Nokia N8 Camera School, Media Shift Idea Lab offers a great selection of tips and links for creating better videos with your mobile device.
  • We’re sure you’re all aware that mobile technology is having an enormous positive impact on health, education and prosperity in the developing world. Here’s an interesting post on the Center for Global Development’s blog pondering why this technology has succeeded where others, like better seeds or vaccines, have only had limited success.
  • And finally, did you see the new ‘Pocket Dance’ advert from Nokia? We’re certainly very familiar with the manoeuvre.

That’s it for this week’s selection. Do enjoy your turkey in the States – and whatever else you’re planning for the weekend in the rest of the world.