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GLOBAL – Want to know more about how Nokia’s devices came to have their look and feel? What the next generation of phones are likely to look like? Tomorrow morning, Tuesday 30th November between 9-10am GMT, three of Nokia’s leading hardware designers will answer questions on Twitter about the design process at Nokia, with special reference to the Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01. Who, what and how – after the break.

At the keyboard will be Niilo Alfthan, who is senior design manager for smartphones, and goes under the account @NiiloatNokia. Joining him will be Tomas Ivaškevičius (@TomasatNokia) who was the lead designer for the Nokia C7 and Iain Pottie, senior industrial design manager for smartphones (@IainatNokia).

The designers will answer your questions and talk openly about their views on the current state of mobile design, how it impacts smartphones, the industry and consumers. The designers have especial expertise when it comes to the design of the Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01.

If you want to follow the debate, search for the #NokiaDesign tag (or click that link). Equally, if you want to ask a question, include the #NokiaDesign tag at the end of your Tweet so we can find it.