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GLOBAL – We asked you where and how your battery powers gets used on your phone. So now it’s time to collect the data, look at your comments and see the results. Are those hour-long phone calls really using much power, or is being trigger happy with the camera the real drainer? Let’s find out with this weeks poll results.

So, as mentioned in the poll itself from last week, we decided to remove the Other option from the poll. As many of you noticed – Other appeared to be the most draining feature on the phone. But as we don’t know what Other is, we couldn’t really count it as a feature, so we asked for your next two big drainers.

With almost a third of the votes and way ahead of anything else, is web browsing. Thirty-one per cent of you have this top of the list, so it looks like a lot of people are spending their day on internet sites, making this the biggest drain.

Second, and just under 16 per cent is the Home screen. Does this mean scrolling through menus and pressing buttons to make it light up to see the time, or missed messages? I’m not sure.

GPS apps take 13 per cent. GPS apps could be OVI Maps, Foursquare, or anything else that requires a connection to a satellite hovering 12,550 miles above your head, so it’s no surprise it would require a bit of power.

Talk and Music playback are equal with 12 per cent. Talk is one of my biggest drainers and I expected to see this much further at the top of the list. Maybe Conversations visitors prefer reading to talking?

At serven per cent, are Messaging and Camera. Leaving the Gallery in last place with only two per cent. I guess that’s not surprising to me, as once I’ve taken a photo I very rarely look at it more than once or twice.

So what do we make of these results? I think it’s important to be clear that the results don’t show the most used apps, or features on a phone. It just shows what’s using more power. So when I expected to see Talk at the top, it’s because I assumed most people would be using a phone to talk, but they still might be. Maybe it just doesn’t require as much power as web browsing for example.

Looking at the comments in the poll, most of you have the results of the removed option of Other at the top of your list. Personally, I’d like to see more detail from this. It’d be great to have this broken down more. Being able to see Apps usage, Games, Email or how much power is used when I spend the day connected via WiFi.

What do you make of the results? Would you like anything else added to Nokia Battery Monitor? Tell us what you think, below.