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GLOBAL – Want free games? Today we bring you three puzzle games for your Nokia N8, available from Ovi Store. Whether you’re the type of person who likes to waste hours tapping at the screen on your phone, or just somebody who likes something to occupy your mind while you’re on the bus, then you may find these games a nice way of keeping you busy. Click on, to find about three of our favourite puzzle games for the Nokia N8.

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Blast Blox

Zed Worldwide SA is a part of Zed Group. With a history of creating and distributing digital content spanning 15 years, Zed hopes to become the largest global creator and distributor of entertainment content. So it aims to please.

This game looks familiar – the colourful falling blocks will remind you of another much loved puzzle game. However, the game play is very different. The idea of Blast Blox is to steer the falling blocks into position to fill the gaps in the stack below. But while doing so, you have the added bonus of three special blocks; The bomb, a flame and water. Using these special blocks, you must turn the standard bricks into wood, by hitting them with the bomb. Burning that wood with the flame and finally putting the flame out with the water brick. This is when you see the stack of blocks fall down the screen and the water collected in the reservoir at the bottom. Once that’s full, you’ll move on to the next level. It’s a fun game and as addictive as any other puzzle game.

Be prepared to see an ad pop up every couple of levels, though. While there’s no cost to download or play, this is an ad-supported production.

Gems XXL

Lunagames has been around since 2003 and is the games department of Lunaforte, based in Hoorn, Netherlands.

Shifting sparkly precious gems around a board is the method of play with Gems XXL. You need to match up at least three identical gems to win the points, before your new arrival of gems lands on the screen for more swapping about. Line up four or more of the same gems and you’l create an XXL gem worth a huge amount of points. As usual, points mean prizes – although not literally – and collecting as many as you can will see you playing this for hours.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Created by Spice Labs in India, the company specialises in developing across a broad spectrum of platforms, creating both games and apps.

Everyone loves a Jigsaw puzzle. A photo torn into a thousand pieces and you’re tasked to put it all back together again. Well, Jigsaw Puzzle is exactly that. Although without the thousand pieces. The minimum amount of segments is nine for the novice, ranging up to 25 for the expert. There are six images to chose from in total, all standard images too, so nothing too obscure. A lion, a Parrot, a pack of coloured pencils. I would have liked to see the option of adding my own images, there’s only a certain number of times I can re-arrange a lion before I start to know where the pieces fit without looking at the shape. What I think is a great feature in this game is the child-friendly-ness of it. The images are very colourful and the child lock stops your young one making long phone calls as it hits the wrong button. It’s rare to see a game with a child lock and we all know little’uns love to play with phones.

What do you think? Play-able, addictive and fun? Let us know below.

Image credit: comedy_nose