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GLOBAL – With over one million downloads from Ovi Store, Hyperkani is making a big name for itself. Based in Finland, Hyperkani has been a software company since 2009, focusing on creating games for mobile devices. It’s just one of almost 100 developers hitting this one million download milestone. To celebrate its quick rise to success, we’ve decided to pick our five favourite games for you to look at, download and enjoy.

Find It! Free

In this classic game of spot the difference, you need to compare the two images on your screen and point out what’s missing from the other picture. After you’ve spotted the all the differences, you’ll move onto the next level. What makes this game quite difficult is the time restriction on each level. Keep your eye on the red bar that’s continually getting shorter: spot a difference that isn’t actually a difference and you’ll lose a chunk of your time. As a kid, I was always very good at these games, but I’m finding this game quite tricky. Some of the differences are easy to spot and some are well-hidden.

Here’s a video of Find It!

Pop It! Free

Bubbles fall from the sky and float to the ground and it’s your job to pop them. You think that’s easy, but it’s not. The bubbles are colour coded and you’ve got an arsenal of bubbles to fire up from the ground. Forming a cluster of four bubbles, of the same colour, will make them all pop, winning you the points you rightfully deserve. The slower bubbles are relatively easy to burst, but some fall like a lead balloon to try to catch you out. Once you’ve racked up your points, submit the score to the global leaderboard.

Air Hockey Free

A fast-paced game of knocking a puck back and forth across a table. The goal is to get the puck into your opponents goal by controlling the mallet with your finger, swiping it across the screen and tactically getting the puck to the other side of the table. Or, just whacking it as hard as you can, hoping for the best which is my preferred method. Your opponent starts of nice and slow, to give you a chance, but reaching the higher levels sees his speeds increase leaving you flicking the screen frantically trying to score some points.

Soccer Bounce

Kick-ups, Keepie-uppie, or whatever you called it as a kid, is the art of keeping a football in the air as long as you can without letting it hit the ground. Soccer Bounce is the exact same game, but for your Nokia phone. I’d recommend starting the training game before you stuck into the competition as you’ll definitely need some practice before competing against the rest of the world. To keep the ball up, you need to press the screen just underneath the ball, it will then bounce up in the air again. In training mode, your ball can hit the side of the screen and it will bounce back into play. Playing in competition mode, you don’t get the same help, meaning once you ball bounces off screen, you’ve lost. This means you need to keep the ball straight and keep it that way for as long as possible.

Once you’ve got your score, you can upload it to the leaderboard to stake your claim to fame. However, it seems you’ll need at least 270 bounces to get into the top 100, and a total of 2313 bounces to beat the current leader. My highest score so far is 50, in training mode.

Miner Mania – Jewel Rush

There’s no need for a hard hat or a miner’s canary for this game. You control a little man to go down the mine, so you don’t have to. Armed with what looks like a laser and a giant scoop to catch falling debris, the aim is to blast through the rock and collect the diamonds that lie beneath the rocky surface. Once the gem is blasted free you’ve got to move the tiny miner and catch it, but catch some of the falling rock and you’ll lose points. So be careful.

This video shows Miner Mania – Jewel Rush

Have you downloaded any of these games, or any other from Hyperkani? Let us know what you think.