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GLOBAL – Setting up one homescreen seems like something of a bygone age. Many phones now have more than one place to customise. With the Nokia’s most recent new devices you’ve got three homescreens to stick apps on, add contacts to, or just leave empty with a picture of a car taking up the whole screen – should you want that kind of thing. How do you set up your homescreen?

Having the Nokia N8 for a few weeks now, I’ve become quite used to flicking between one screen and another, using this method to select one of my most used apps or features. Almost never using the menu to select anything. So this got us thinking here at Nokia Conversations, has having multiple homescreens changed the way people use their phones? If you’ve got enough space to fit everything you want on the screen, do you need a menu?

Adam’s setup

My life consists of three things; general life, work life and all things fun. So I’ve arranged my homescreens accordingly. My first screen is where I’ve placed all the important people in my life, such as friends and family, with the social widget to remind me what they’re doing during the day. The widget to my personal email account and a shortcut bar, sitting at the top for easy access to my text messages, my full contact list, Ovi Maps and Ovi Store.

My work screen’s got everything I need to see me through Monday to Friday. Nokia Battery Monitor sits at the top, a contacts bar has some work colleagues on it, sitting comfortably above my work email widget. All nestled above my calendar.

My third homescreen is full of apps of various types. Games such as Galaxy on Fire, Gems XXL and Need For Speed Shift. And apps like Nokia Panorama, LOVEFiLM and Shazam. To name just a few. This apps page makes it easier for me to down tools and be a moment away from some time-passing entertainment.



Ian’s setup

Call me a narrow-minded traditionalist if you will, but I’m not actually a big fan of multiple homescreens. I’ve tried instead to put as much as possible onto the first screen. This way, ninety per cent of my phone use can be managed from the single screen. No need to remember where I put things or delve into menus.

From the top, I’ve got the built-in clock and profile-switcher, then two lines of shortcuts to what I view as the key apps. Then it’s a row of frequent contacts – five numbers account almost all my voice calls.

Then I’ve got email – I’m testing out ProfiMail at the moment, of which more at a later date – but one big advantage is that it combines the contents of multiple email accounts in a single widget. Lastly, I’ve got the notifications widget.

My second screen just has the music player widget and Social on it at the moment. The third screen is 20 of my favourite apps.



James’ setup

I’m also pretty much a single-screen man at the moment, but unlike Ian I’ve kept the amount of content on my homescreen to the bare minimum. I’ve got the standard Clock and Profiles at the top. I do more emailing than voice calls, so appropriately, my email widget sits at the top of the screen. Then it’s a row of my closest contacts. Under that, I’ve used the shortcuts widget for single press access to the Internet, Maps, Address Book and Calendar.

And that’s pretty much it for me. I really don’t mind going into the main menu to find less-used items because, well, I don’t use them very often.

So, how do you arrange yours? Let us know, below.