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GLOBAL – As many readers will have already discovered, yesterday both Skype and Google delivered updated software for new Symbian devices. Free calls and other features for Skype users and improved video functionality from YouTube are good news for all users of these devices. More details of the updates and the links you’ll need after the break.

We know from comments here that the initial unavailability of Skype was a disappointment to some users when the Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01 launched. The new release seems to be worth waiting for, though, since call quality has been improved over previous versions, with the inclusion of the company’s new SILK audio compression technology. The software allows you to make free voice calls and instant messaging over WiFi or 3G networks to other Skype users, and cheaper international calls if you buy Skype credits.



To install Skype, use your phone’s web browser to go to There’s a full list of compatible phones here on the company’s website. Note that with this, and the YouTube player below, you need to use your device’s default browser so that the site can recognise which model you’re using.

Meanwhile, Google has also updated its YouTube player for new Symbian devices, bringing it to version 2.4.10. The new software makes better use of the larger screens on these devices, as well as fancier transitions between different screens. It also allows users to log-in to their YouTube accounts for access to their favourites. Video resolution also appears to have been improved, though there’s as yet no hard details of this on the company’s blog.


To install the new player, visit using your phone’s default browser and pick YouTube from the list. It will replace the previous player on your device on installation.

It’s great to see these two important tools updated for the latest devices. Let us know your impressions of the new software in the comments.