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December 12, 2010

Gregg003 blogs about the Pocket Dance competition

Have you started working on your entry yet? Gregg003 from Scratch e-Pad reminds you that there are 10 Nokia N8 and 10 Nokia BH-217 up for grabs.

He also introduces the BH-217 briefly, saying that Nokia’s new range of Bluetooth headsets is ‘a convenient choice for everyone using mobile phones hands free’.

If you haven’t seen the Pocket Dance, check it out:

To enter the competition, you have to replicate the dance in the most creative way you can, upload it to YouTube, tag it #pocketdance and let us know.

Head over to Scratch e-Pad to read Gregg003‘s post, and… have fun!

To know more about the Nokia Pocket Dance competition, head over to our original post!