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GLOBAL – With Ovi Store filled with choices, finding that perfect game can be tricky. So we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a small list of our three favourite games from developer, Gameloft SA. If it’s driving round a track, saving an alien race from annihilation or killing mythological creatures with a sword you’re after, read on for our favourite three games from Gameloft.

Gameloft SA are based in New York, San Francisco, Madrid, Helsinki, and London to name just a few. Spanning the globe, creating games using Java and Symbian since 1999. So with ten years’ experience, Gameloft knows how to develop games with great gameplay and graphics.

Asphalt 5 HD, £3.00

This is a game with two playing-modes. Career mode and Quick Race. Quick Race is perfect for just jumping into a car and beating some opponents without having to invest too much time. If you’ve got more time to spare, Career mode lets you build up your reputation, tune up your car and give it a lick of paint if you wish. Then take to Events page where you can choose from a race track in Aspen or St Tropez to being with, opening up ten more as you go as winning races will unlock more tracks and more cars too. So the trick is to win more races to win more cars to ultimately be the best racing car driver. Steering is controlled on-screen with taps to the left or the right to make it turn in either of those directions. The very handy nitro button sits in the bottom right, but only when you’ve collected the nitro power-ups in your race. Should your driving skills be any good, you’ll be able to race with any one of the 29 cars available.

Hero of Sparta HD, £3.00

You start the game, having been washed up on a beach. It seems your ship and the rest of the fleet have been destroyed, leaving you alone to find out what happened. Making your way onto the mysterious island you encounter skeletal beasts and one-eyed giants. Your only option is to draw your sword and fight to survive, using killer moves to take down the toughest of monsters. The on-screen joystick is your control pad, and the action buttons sit comfortably under your right thumb, making this a great hack and slash game.

James Cameron’s Avatar HD £3.00

If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know the story of the Na’vi. Their planet is being taken over by humans and destroyed, it’s your job as a Human-Na’vi hybrid to save the planet and the local inhabitants from total extinction. The on-screen controls are easy to use and the graphics are as vibrant as you would expect to see on the planet of Pandora. With 15 levels of running through forests, leaping onto rope bridges and flying the mountain banshee, it’s a fun shoot ’em up type of game.

Have you had a chance to play these games yet? If not they’re all available from Ovi Store. Let us know if you like them, or not.