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GLOBAL – One week on and it’s time to take a look at the results from our poll to find out how you use your homescreens. Do you use only one homescreen, or use all three? Are you all using the extra shortcut bars or the Foursquare widget? It’s time to find out, with the results.

We asked you to participate in two polls last week, with the aim to find out how you actually use your homescreen. Once the device leaves the drawing board and finally makes it out the factory doors, it’s difficult to tell how people use the features they’re given, so this is a step to try to understand usage patterns.

First, we asked you how many of your homescreens you actively use. Just because Nokia have produced a phone with more than one screen, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to use them all.

Storming ahead in first place, with nearly 57 per cent is Three. So, well over half of you use all the screens provided, making the most of all the space available.

Second in the votes is One with almost 24 per cent. Nearly a quarter of you choosing one screen to put all your favourite content on, diving into the menu if needed.

Lastly, 19 per cent of you chose Two. Meaning you can’t quite decide whether to go full out, or not. But are tempted by the choice.

It seems that multiple home screens is currently an all-or-nothing choice. As people get used to the additional functionality, we’d expect this situation to change as the concept of putting whatever you want onto a home screen becomes established.

Now that we’ve established the number of screens our readers use, let’s look at what you put on them.

The winner is – Clock / Date / Profile, taking 23 per cent of the votes. It’s no surprise really, regardless of what new app comes on the market, people still need to know the time and date, above all else.

Shortcuts bar takes second place as your most important add-on, with nearly 17 per cent. And in third, Calendar receives 14 per cent.

Fourth and with 11 per cent, is Personal email. It’s clearly important nowadays to keep in contact with the rest of the world, not only with phone calls but you people like to do it with emails too.

The Contacts bar seems a little less important than all the options above, winning only eight and a half per cent and coming fifth.

The ever-popular “Other” category receives three and a half per cent and lands in ninth position. From the Other votes, over one third uses the Music Player and another third use Notifications. Leaving the other third mixed between a weather widget, RSS feeds and the Nokia Battery Monitor.

We’ve picked out the top answers, so take a look at the image to see where the other options were positioned in the chart.

So to conclude this poll, it seems most people use three homescreens, with the Clock / Date / Profile, Shortcuts bar, Calendar and Personal email loaded as their favourites. That’s the essentials of course. Obviously, we had to limit your answers, otherwise I’m sure everything would’ve been ticked. It’s good to see the most-needed feature on our phones, is what Nokia provides straight out of the box.

Are you surprised by any of these results, or is it exactly how you thought it would be? What do you think these results show? Let us know.