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GLOBAL – the Friday before Christmas is the time for office parties and bringing games into school. But before you set up the Connect-Four or misuse the photocopier, there’s just enough time to peruse the links in this week’s pick’n’mix. This week we’ve got mobile stats from India, a 340-page eBook to keep you busy over the holidays, viral videos, free Nokia N8s and a brush of paint for your S60 devices.

  • It’s the last weekend before Christmas, so probably what you’ll want to be doing is reading a 340-page eBook about the mobile industry. Wait! – this one’s free and written by genius industry analyst Tomi Ahonen. Get it here.
  • Here’s a report about the impact of mobile phones on India produced by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, describing the way mobile is moving well beyond the urban rich to change the lives of poor farmers. Once again, it’s a lengthy read, though just 62 pages this time.
  • Ovi By Nokia on Facebook are running a massive competition to win a bunch of Nokia N8s by guessing which city Santa has arrived in each day.
  • Take a look at two more viral videos from Nokia China – the racing car one is nuts. Via SymbianTweet.
  • If you’ve been following beta labs, then you’ll already know about Wellness Diary, an app to help you track your health. This week it got a fresh update – well worth checking out if you’re determined to stay on the straight and narrow this holiday season.
  • Owners of S60 Nokia phones might be feeling a little jealous of the new Symbian devices. Until it’s time for a new contract, you might want to rejuvenate your old phone with *Spark, which looks very smart indeed.

That’s it for this week, and this is the last Pick and Mix for 2010. As ever, if there’s blog posts we’ve missed, point them out in the comments.