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GLOBAL – This year’s nearly over, so it’s time to take a look back at what’s been going on in 2010, app-wise. We’ve talked about them and reviewed them, but what’s been your favourite app? We’ve all got our favourite, but we need your help to discover what’s really at everybody’s fingertips. Let’s find out in our latest poll: Best app from 2010.

Choosing the best app from 2010 isn’t as easy as picking a name from a hat and – Ta-Da – we have a winner. No, we need to do this properly. The winner deserves this title because we’ve spent hours playing a particular game, or it’s got us out of trouble when stuck in another country, needing to find somewhere to sleep for the night.

Let’s start by telling you our favourite apps, then you’ll let us know if you agree – or not.

Adam’s favourite apps

I’m a music fan and can easily get distracted by a collection of beats and some good vocals. Which means I usually recognise most songs when I hear them. However, when my memory fails me or when I hear a new song, I have a need to know what it is. Shazam lets me know what song’s playing and tells me about the album should I want to download, or buy, it later. Another thing I enjoy is taking photos, always looking to take that perfect photo, usually in macro mode for an interesting view of something ordinary. Nokia Panorama lets me stand back and take in the whole picture – rather than a close up I get with macro mode – taking lots of photos and automatically stitches them together, making one seamless panoramic. I’m quite into social networks and location-aware apps so this naturally meant I’d be tempted by Foursquare. Letting my friends know where I am if they want to meet up, or just just trying to grab a special offer at a local deli for becoming the major.

Ian’s favourite apps

As someone who likes to communicate, I appreciate an app that lets me do it easier and quicker, so there are two apps I’ve found that do just that. Gravity is the one I use for my Twitter updates and checking on-the-pulse news. WordPress for Nokia is what I use to perform content moderation, or even edit some blog posts when I’m on-the-move. When I’m worn out from all the tweeting and moderating you’ll find me with my head down, and thumbs poised over the screen of my Nokia N8. Need For Speed Shift gives me the chance to drift around corners and drive at ridiculous speeds, all from the comfort of my couch.

James’ favourite apps

I’m out of the office quite a lot, so it’s important that I’m still in contact with my colleagues. Email is the easiest way to do that, so Nokia Messaging means I’ve still got access to my work emails – and personal emails – wherever there’s a WiFi connection or operator signal. Nokia Situations programs my phone to do certain tasks for me, so when I’m at a weekly meeting across town, my phone knows I’m there using the GPS and tells my phone to switch to silent. Amongst other things. On the way home, it’s satisfying to launch Angry Birds out of a catapult into anything that gets in their way, while trying to defeat those troublesome pigs.

Now for the poll. We’ve put together our favourites from this year and would like you to vote on your favourite from the list. With only one vote per person, you’ll need to choose wisely. Don’t worry if you’ve not yet tried one of the apps, click the app name in the poll for more of a description or to download it to give it a try. However, if you think something else not in the list deserves the grand title of Best app from 2010, add it to the Other option.

Thanks for voting, we’ll count up the answers in the new year and crown the Best app from 2010.