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ESPOO, Finland – The Beta Labs is Nokia’s playground for its crack team of software developers. It’s where the latest apps pop up first, new ideas are explored and shared with the public, and the whole place teems with fun tools and helpful software. Here’s the top ten apps, based on the numbers of people following and voting for the apps, to graduate from Nokia’s beta labs this year. Some of the apps are old favourites that have been upgraded, and some are brand new.

1/ Ovi Maps for mobile v3.06
Ovi Maps with new pedestrian and motorist features

This latest release of Ovi Maps has had many new features added to it, and for the first time you can download the app directly to your phone without a PC. With Ovi Maps you can see your location on the map, explore places around you – or anywhere in the world – and share them. Navigate to your destination with free Drive or Walk in 78 countries. Then once you’ve arrived at your destination you can check in and share it with your friends on your favourite social networks.

2/ Swype for Symbian
Why type when you can Swype?

Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, the patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other data input methods—at over 40 words per minute.

3/ Java Runtime 2.1 Beta for Symbian
Enjoy running your favourite Java applications

Ever get frustrated because all the apps you want to download are Java? Well here’s the answer to your prayers. Java Runtime (JRT) for Symbian is a mobile app that enables you to run Java applications as well as Symbian-based apps on your mobile phone device. For example if you download a Java game from Ovi Store, it is executed using Java Runtime. The latest version, Java Runtime 2.1, is available for S60 5th Edition devices as a Beta release. The final JRT 2.1 release will be included in Nokia devices based on the Symbian^3 platform, and it will also be available for S60 5th Edition devices as an add-on.

4/ Wellness Diary Beta
Improve your health and wellness every day

With the Wellness Diary app on your phone you’ll be able to change your lifestyle for the better. Self-monitoring is proven to be extremely effective in lifestyle changes and the Wellness Diary app makes the monitoring of your day-to-day wellness almost effortless, helping you to build healthy habits into your daily routine.

5/ Ovi Calendar 2.0
New updates added to this old calendaring favourite

The new version of the Ovi Calendar app brings a slew of features, and user interface enhancements that takes this service to the next level. New features in this release are:

  • Create your party and other event invitations from Ovi Calendar; pick invitees directly from your address book
  • View invitees attendance status conveniently on the event dashboard.
  • Set Event Reminders.
  • Invitees can accept directly from the invitation emails.
  • Subscribe to your favourite public calendar and see it in Ovi Calendar
  • View all your calendars in one single view.

6/ Nokia Point and Find
Point, browse, get what you want, now

Nokia Point & Find is the first mobile augmented reality browser on S60 devices. The service lets you discover useful and relevant information and services by simply pointing your camera phone at objects. For instance, point your camera phone at a movie poster on the street to read reviews, glance at ratings, lookup show times, and if your phone has a built-in GPS it will even find the closest theatre and purchase tickets.

7/ Nokia Feel
A fun and surprising way to explore what your device can do, based on how you feel.

The Nokia Feel app is designed to help you discover what you can do with your device in a more spontaneous way. When you open the application you can select how you feel – are you feeling Energetic, Lucky, Lonely, Happy, Hungry, Bored, Lost, Caring or Creative? And when you have told it how you feel, the application suggests a few things you could do like opening your camera up if you feel creative, or taking you to a recipe web site if you feel hungry, or opening your social network applications if you feel lonely.

8/ Gig Finder
Discover live music events based on your location & music tastes

The latest version of this app, allows you to catch the best live music and discover must-see bands. Additionally you can price compare tickets before they sell out and share events with friends on Facebook. From small towns to major cities across the world, underground bars to massive concerts and festivals, Gig Finder learns your music tastes to provide the best events happening near you. What’s more, you can find your gig via Ovi Maps or download your favourite tracks, powered by the Ovi Music.

9/ Soundtrckr
Share your Internet Radio

Do you love radio, and are you sick of hearing the same “Greatest Hits” over and over again? Do you want to control your music? Then check out Soundtrckr – you’ll get free and easy access to more than 8 million songs, plus tons of social and location-based features to help you discover and share music that you can’t find anywhere else.

10/ Pixelpipe Share Online
Upload Photos, Video, Audio & Documents

The latest move from Beta Labs is to host beta programmes from third-party developers, starting with Pixelpipe. Upload Photos, Video, Audio & Files to over 75 Social Web services directly from your Nokia phone. There’s no easier way to get your media off of your Nokia and out to your favourite social network, photo/video sites, blog or online storage services.

New features in this release include:

  • Option for prompted uploads after capture of photos & video
  • Ability to set scaling factor for photos at the time of upload
  • Option for automatic “zero click” uploading of photos & videos after capture.

There’s quite a few more apps on the lab’s workbenches – which do you most want to see released?