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GLOBAL – This year on Nokia Conversations you’ve been voting lots, and on all sorts of subjects from the colour of the Nokia N8 you were planning to buy through to what you expect from MeeGo. So to mark the end of the year, we’ve taken a look back at the top ten most popular polls of the year.

Note that we’ve excluded the Design by Community polls from these results – otherwise positions 1-10 would have been taken by those! This list is the most popular of our regular polls, with the one with the most votes cast being…

1/ Which accessories would you buy for your Nokia N8?

Users were clearly excited at the prospect of the new 12-megapixel smartphone because this was the biggest poll of the year by a long shot, where it polled more than twice the number of votes as the second place poll.

Sitting at the top of the accessories tree for the handset was a protective case. A close second goes to the MicroSD card, with 18 per cent of the vote, and in third place, there was wireless headphones with 14 per cent of the vote.

2/ Which of your phone’s features do you use least?

What you don’t use seemed to excite a lot of readers, and you were most apathetic about the radio on your mobile phone. With 31 per cent of the vote it was a pretty substantial win (or loss) but it didn’t go undisputed.

Second in line of fire was the video player with 12 per cent of the votes, and the third least used feature and perhaps the most surprising result from the poll was email. Maybe now almost the entire product line-up has a robust email client, the results might change…

3/ What are your three essential pieces of kit to survive a long trip?

Unsurprisingly, at the top of the list as the device that you’d have to take on a long trip was the mobile phone with more than a third of the vote (34 per cent). Taking second place as the must-have piece of kit on a long journey was the digital camera with 15 per cent of the vote, third place fell to the laptop.

4/ Nokia N8 – what colour would you choose?

The Nokia N8 was obviously exciting you a lot, so in April we asked you what colour N8 you would choose and the answers made us think you were a very conventional lot.

You were given the entire colour spectrum to choose from, and you chose dark grey as the top colour with a massive 35 per cent of the vote, what’s more worrying is that next up was silver – not a lot of difference from dark grey – with 24 per cent, that’s almost 60 per cent for greyish colours. In third place luckily was something that could never be described as dull and that was Orange with 16 per cent.

We wonder how this affects the actual sales figures – hearing comments and reading blogs, the wilder colours actually seem to have attracted a bit of a following.

5/ What kind of MeeGo devices are you most excited about?

Back in February we asked you what sort of MeeGo devices you were excited about and many more of you got back to us with you thoughts than we ever expected.

You’re all obviously really looking forward to the future. The top result in this poll by the narrowest of margins was mobile computers with 29.39 per cent, and a hairs breadth behind in second place was media phones with 29.02 per cent. Way back in third place was tablet computers with 19 per cent of the vote.

We may return to this poll again, particularly as tablet computers seem to be the flavour of the moment and it would be interesting to see how things have changed over the year

6/ What are your favourite Ovi Store productivity apps?

We asked you about your favourite productivity apps on your Nokia device and the results were a lot more varied than we imagined they would be.

The firm favourite was Ovi Maps, with 29 per cent of you opting for its on-device navigational talents. Second choice was Opera Mini, with 16 per cent of you installing this browser, and in third place was Skype, a smart choice for international calls, in particular, especially if you can get access to free WiFi.

7/ How many apps have you downloaded in the last three months?

In September we asked you “How many apps have you downloaded in the last three months?”, and over 32 per cent of you said you had downloaded between six and 15 apps to your device. Which tallied with the results from a similar poll in 2009, with had a similar number of apps per device being popular.

In second place was one to five apps, and 25 per cent of you chose this option which shows us that more than almost 70 per cent of you have downloaded more than five apps in the last three months. The next biggest chunk though was pretty impressive with almost one in every five of you downloading between 16 and 30 apps.

8/ How much do you share?

From the poll results for this quick question we found that you like sharing a lot, with over 1350 of you voting in this poll, and the top thing on the lists of things you like to share are pictures with 22 per cent of the vote. A close second was status updates, with 16 per cent of you happily divulging your personal thoughts with others, and in third place we had web links.

9/ What do you think should be most important for Nokia and the environment?

The environment is obviously an important topic for you and topping the list was energy efficiency with 17 per cent of the vote, and coming a close second was recycling with an equally impressive 16 per cent of the vote. Pretty much every bit of a Nokia device can be recovered and used to create energy or new products. Third on the environmental line-up was reducing power consumption. Did you know that updating your Facebook status on a PC once uses the same amount of power as updating it a 100 times on your phone?

10/ What Ovi services do you use the most?

Our tenth most popular survey found that your most popular Ovi service was Ovi Maps with 35 per cent of the votes, followed by the Ovi Store at a good ten per cent behind but with a good healthy quarter of the votes at 26 per cent, and next was Nokia Messaging with just 10 per cent and narrowly beating Ovi Mail which deserves a special mention with 9 per cent.