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January 6, 2011

N8 Producers Day

For your viewing pleasure on N8 Producers today, we have some more amazing user generated videos for you to enjoy. If you haven’t already heard about N8 Producers then you can check out what you’re missing here.

The first of our videos today is an awesome Parkour production from piptrix which not only features some great flips and tricks but is also filmed as though you’re playing a computer game. Watch it and it will make more sense 😉

Our next entry to N8 Producers sees jimbox catching some waves on Penarrubia Beach in Gijon, Spain. Making excellent use of the Nokia N8 underwater case, jimbox defies the weather to record some great actions shots. Surfs Up!

If you like what you’re seeing and think you can create your very own N8 Producers masterpiece, all the information you need can be found in the link above.