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GLOBAL – The new year is under way and a new collection of devices will no doubt come into existence over the coming 12 months. But we shouldn’t forget about the devices of the past year, the Nokia N8 in particular has proved to be a real winner. For this week’s Pick and Mix we’ve put together a collection of videos created using the Nokia N8 itself, or ones that feature the N8 in a cameo role. Check them out and let us know what you think.

  • Keirux starts us off with N8 Dreams. An amazing video of Cactus spines, melting ice, drops of red ink in water and so much more. He quotes “I’m impressed with the quality of video function of the Nokia N8”. We are too – especially in his hands.
  • Primo Filmes captures some strange DIY-style art as they hang a toy robot and a Nokia N8 from a piece of string and swing it. We’ll call it interesting, but what do you think?
  • Once again, Primo Filmes do something weird with a bunch on Nokia N8s and capture parts of people’s faces. Making a digital face using the combined collection of the phones. It works well.
  • Juhani Väihkönen captures his memories from 2010 using a variety of cameras, one including the Nokia N8. We’re not sure what part of his film was filmed with the Nokia, but it’s a great little movie.
  • Fireworks are enjoyed all over the world, but it can be hard to capture their beauty. But not with the Nokia N8, it seems. Iain W films the Edinburgh Hogmanay fireworks using his trusty device, capturing the colourful bursts of light and perfect sound quality.
  • Want to see the Nokia Hands come to life and enter The Grid from Tron: Legacy? Of course you do. This promo video from Strip Studios LTD, shows just that in a digitised kinda way.

So there we have it, a collection of what’s achievable with the Nokia N8, and some videos just where the Nokia N8 is used. Either way, The N8 is still people’s favourite when it comes to capturing videos and images.

Filmed anything in HD recently? Let us know..