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GLOBAL – Fans and owners of the Nokia N8 will be all too aware of its multimedia capabilities. Taking superb photos, shooting high-def videos and listening to your music library is all very fun on your own, but what if you want to share them with friends? Nokia Big Screen lets other people share your experience, on your TV set. Find out how, and why this is a must-have.

In the olden days, people huddled around a projector to watch slides from somebody’s holiday and it was a whole family affair. These days it’s slightly different. We’ve moved from projector to passing around pieces of paper with photos on them, to – as of late – passing our digital cameras around the room to share our images. Until now that is. Nokia Big Screen allows you to share your holiday snaps with everyone, in one go, at the same time.

Currently residing at Nokia Beta Labs, it’s an experimental app that’s aimed at showcasing the best features of the Nokia N8 and it does that well. Log into Nokia Beta Labs now using your regular Nokia account, download the app and we’ll talk you through it.

Once installed, there’s no need to do anything else on the phone. Find your HDMI adapter from your box (CA-156), lift the cover to the HDMI port on the Nokia N8 and plug in the cable. Plug in a standard HDMI cable into the back of your TV and plug the other end into the CA-156. You’ll see the TV spring to life and within a few seconds you’ll be looking at a menu screen, with thumbnails of your image collection cascading down the screen and the option to select Videos, Music, Photos, About and Exit on the left.

Controlling Nokia Big Screen

Once you’ve plugged in your Nokia N8 to you TV, you’re faced with this new interface and you’ll see at the top of the screen you’ll be notified that your phone is searching for a Bluetooth device. This is where you have the option to connect controllers such as a Bluetooth keyboard or a Wii Remote, as your method of controlling the on-screen features. Connecting via bluetooth is a great way to flick through your phone’s content while sitting back from the comfort of your couch, without feeling tethered to the TV by the cable. Using the navi-pad on the Wii Remote, you navigate through the features. The A button selects whatever you want to select and the B button underneath is your back button.

How to connect the Wii Remote

Attach your Nokia N8 to your TV using the HDMI cable. Wait for the screen to display your phone’s content and the green bar at the top of the page to display “Searching for remote controllers”. Now press and hold buttons 1 and 2 on your Wii Remote, until you see “Connected to Nintendo RVL-CNT-01” in the green bar at the top of your TV. You’re now set to use the Wii Remote as your controller.

You don’t have to use a Bluetooth controller to use Nokia Big Screen, but it certainly makes browsing content easier. If you choose not to use Bluetooth, the screen on your Nokia N8 will have changed to a very simple controller, with a four-way directional pad, an OK button, back button and a power off key. Very simple to use.


On your TV, you’ll be able to browse through the media stored on your Nokia N8. Using the menu on the left, you can view your Videos or your Photos, in stunning high-definition. Selecting one of these options takes you to a separate page where you can scroll through your snapshots or mini-movies, enabling you to share those holiday moments with anyone who wants to see them.

Selecting Music takes you to your music library in much the same way you’d see it on the device. With the albums – including album art – stacked side-by-side, scrolling from left-to-right lets you painlessly search for your favourite band. Hit play, return to the photos page and browse your images, while still listening to music playing in the background.

Here’s Timo Pääkkönen from Nokia, showing Nokia Big Screen in action.

What we find cool about Nokia Big Screen is that it works on any TV. So that means you can plug into your friends’ TV, your parents’ TV or the widescreen set at the local pub. Should they allow it, of course. Pop the Wii Remote in your bag and you’re set to impress, wherever you are.

Nokia Big Screen is currently available for the Nokia N8 and for the upcoming Nokia E7. Have you used Nokia Big Screen? We think you’ll love it. Tell us all about it, below.