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GLOBAL – The folk over at Ovi Daily App have, for the second year running, hosted the Must-Have App of the Year Awards. Starting back in December, they asked you to vote for your favourite apps from Ovi Store, in six different categories. Votes came to a close last week and the winners were announced. So in case you hadn’t heard, join us to find out who won.

You could say, last year was Ovi Store’s year. In April, the store was pumping out 1.7 million downloads per day. Downloads continued to rise throughout the months and by December, users were downloading more the 3.5 million pieces of content on a daily basis. So it’s no surprise that Ovi Daily App decided to acknowledge the developers behind the apps and give you the chance to do so too. Voting meant that the most popular items from Ovi Store would get the title of Must have… and you – the voters – would win a Nokia N8 if you guessed all six winners correctly.

So, on to the winners of each category.

Game Apps – Doodle Jump

Playing as a green alien, with what looks like a trumpet for a nose, your aim is to reach the sky and jump as high as you can. Controlling your movements by tilting the phone to the left or the right, make this game a joy to play. Don’t over-tilt though, or the Doodler (that’s the name of the character) will fall off the platforms and your game is over.

Social Networking Apps – Gravity

Mobile phones at their most basic function, are made to help us communicate with other people. Gravity does this really well, in that it lets you join all your Social Network profiles in one place, meaning less time clicking into different apps and more time talking to the people that matter in your life. It has all the features you’d expect to find when using these services online, like photo sharing, status updates, current trends and checking into certain locations.

Music Apps – Shazam

Music lovers rejoice. Never forget that new track you heard during the day. Let you phone listen to it, tell you what it is and even download it straight to your phone through Ovi Music Store. Full track or album details will be saved in the app as Tags so you can come back to them later, to find out the latest tour info on the band.

Utility Apps – JoikuSpot Wifi Hot Spot

Transform your Nokia phone into a WiFi hotspot. Let everybody around you share that generous data plan you’ve been given by the network – or use it for your own laptop when there’s no WiFi. Other phones connect wirelessly to your phone, browse the Internet, costing them nothing. A great example of sharing technology.

Business and Productivity Apps – Mobile Documents

If you’ve got an email account – which you probably have – there will probably come a time where you’ll pick up your phone, open your mailbox and look at the huge document somebody has sent you. How much will it cost to download that 300mb PDF, or how long will it take? Mobile Documents enables you to view your sent documents, without the need of downloading them. It’s cloud-based technology at it’s best.

Entertainment Apps – TouchNote

With the age of digital technology, often comes the demise of the old analogue technology. Sending a postcard is something we used to do when we were kids right? Wrong. Well, still right, but you can continue to send postcards using this app. Take a photo using your camera phone and Touchnote will transform it into a physical card and deliver it to anyone, anywhere. Nice for when you’re travelling the world and can’t wait to get back to upload your photos.

So there we have it. Six apps that have been voted for by their users, winning a great title of Must have… app. Head on over to Ovi Daily App for more details, and don’t forget to let us know what you think of these winning apps.

NB: The Daily App team are still waiting for the winner of the fully-loaded Nokia N8 to claim his/her prize. They’ll be announced as soon as that happens.