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GLOBAL – The new year is upon us and that means one thing. News years resolutions – to break. But you don’t have to. Wellness Diary Beta from Nokia is new to Ovi Store and helps you stick to that plan of staying fit and eating more healthily, for the upcoming 12 months. Read on to find out more.

If, like me, you’ve had too much roast turkey and Christmas pudding during the holidays, you’ll be wanting to get back into the normal routines of eating and exercise. But knowing where to start can be a challenge and sticking to it, even more so. Wellness Diary Beta allows you to monitor your daily eating habits – giving you helpful tips on what to eat, or not – and reminds you when it’s time to increase your fruit intake for the day.

Once loaded, you’ll be greeted by three messages in the news feed, welcoming you to the Wellness Diary, along with some useful tips. When you’ve read the new messages, creating a profile is next on the agenda. Navigating to the profile section, represented by the typical silhouette of a persons torso and head, you’ll be asked to enter your gender and height to start with, you’ll be required to enter your weight a bit later.

It’s now time to let Wellness Diary know what you want to monitor. You may be looking to cut down on your alcohol intake or reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke. Or wanting to keep your cycling and running times in one place. To choose your options, navigate to Monitors section under your profile. Considering I don’t smoke and I may only have a drink or two at the weekends, I opted for Steps, Weight, Sleep and Food.

With Steps I know how many steps it takes from my door to the local Supermarket and back – approximately 1500 – using the built-in pedometer that constantly tracks my movements. Should you be wanting to hit that 10,000 steps a day recommendation, you’ll need to make that journey a few more times, but it’s achievable.

Weight lets you keep an eye on those extra pounds, set a weight goal and lets you track your progress throughout the week, month or year. It’s really a long term thing when it comes to weight, so don’t expect quick results.

Food allows you to set goals too, from letting you know how many fruit or veg you need to eat a day, with the added bonus of being able to remind you that your next veggie-hit is due, at a time specified by you, you’ll also be reminded that eating that burger or having a chocolate isn’t recommended, but allowed every so often.

Any option you chose to monitor lets you set a goal and the ability to remind you so you don’t forget. Which is a really good thing. I’ve set Wellness Diary to give me a nudge at 13:00 every day to eat some fruit, otherwise I’d probably forget.

You can share your results to your Twitter account if you wish, so your friends know how good you’ve been with your diet this year. Plus it’s probably a good way of keeping you motivated, think of it as your gym buddy as it’s always easier to share your experiences with people.

Wellness Diary also receives information from other wellness service providers, like Duodecim, who offer medical information straight to your phone so that you can make sure you’re always receiving the best possible advice. You’ll find these helpful pieces of information under your Profile, then Services. More of these services will be added over time.

Resolutions can be difficult to keep, so make it easier with Wellness Diary and download it from Ovi Store. Available for a variety of devices, including the Nokia 5230, Nokia C6-00, N97 mini, Nokia N8 and more. Let us know what you think, below.