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GLOBAL – Email delivery to your mobile phone is becoming very popular. Emailing from your phone has plenty of benefits, but what do you do with those emails that are 20MB in size, with some high-res images or 30 page PDFs? Mobile Documents by VISIARC, offers email retrieval, via The Cloud. Read on to find out more.

Emailing on-the-move, via a phone, is a great way of keeping in contact with anybody in the world. Especially if you’re waiting for that important email from work telling you you’ve won that new contract, or something. However – up until now – opening large emails on your Nokia phone has not only been time-consuming, but also costly. Downloading a file of 65 MB, just to find out that the information inside isn’t really relevant, can end up costing you lots of money. So you could log onto a PC and download the files that way, but that’s not always possible when you’re on a train, plain or anywhere else. Mobile Documents opens up your email as a normal email client would, but within the email it’ll show you the attachments all laid out with details of how large the file is, how many pages, the type of document and a thumbnail of the document itself.

Setting up Mobile Documents

First on the agenda is to download the app. This app’s currently in Beta phase, which means it’s still in development but is nearly ready. Beta apps give you the opportunity to play with an app before it goes live, so some changes will be made when it finally graduates. Download from Nokia Beta Labs, or the Ovi Store. We noticed that you have to install the app to the C drive, as installing to E meant the homescreen widget didn’t find Mobile Documents. Install complete, you’ve got the freedom to browse the demo on your phone. We’d recommend you try the demo first as it’s a good way of knowing what the app is all about without setting up your email addresses, that comes later.

Happy with your tutorial and want to continue setting up your email accounts? Go back to the main screen and enter your email address to sign up for the full version, which is still free. During setup, you’ll need to assign your email account with a pin number, for added security, which we think is a good idea.

Homescreen widget setup

Find an empty slot on one of your homescreens and long-press on the screen. Select the plus symbol, scroll to mail and your mailbox will ask you to select which email account you wish to use. Now you’ll notice you have the Mobile Documents logo next to your email address, selecting this will mean all your mail will now run through the Mobile Documents client.

Viewing attachments

If you receive a large email with attachments, open it up and scroll to the bottom to find the attachments. Pressing on one of these attachments will bring up a menu with the options; View, Read, Copy and Download.

View, opens a preview of the document with the ability to flick through the pages from left to right. This is great for selecting what you actually want to view from the document without having to download it first.

Read, transcribes the document for you and gives it to you in the simplest form. If you’ve got a PDF or Word document, Read will give you the text version.

Copy, allows you to copy that file to your clipboard and Download, does what you’d expect. It saves it to to your phone for later use, if you so need it.

One of the great features of Mobile Documents is that you can send any of the attachments you’ve already received, onto somebody else without having to download the file. Because all this data is never actually downloaded in the first place, you’re simply passing the information from the server to the other recipient, this is called Cherry Picking.

Cherry Picking

Open Mobile Documents, select the email account you wish to send an email from if you have more than one, and compose new mail. Start with adding the contact who will receive the email. Next, press the screen below the subject line. This is the box you’ll need to type your message in. Once you’ve typed your message, press Add Att. at the bottom of the screen and it’s here that you can browse any other email – from any email account you’ve set up- and add an attachment straight into your message – without ever downloading it onto your device. Pressing send will send the email instantly, from The Cloud.

Document Support

You’ll be able to retrieve most documents that get sent to your inbox, as there is currently support for a variety of Word documents and image files;

Currently Mobile Document is available for the Nokia N8. Download it from Ovi Store, or Nokia Beta Labs However, remember as it’s a Beta app, it may be a little rusty around the edges.

Have you tried Mobile Documents? It’s a cheaper, quicker way to retrieve large emails. We’d like to hear what you think of it, with comments below.