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January 20, 2011

N8 Producers Day!

In today’s N8 Producers roundup we’re taking you from the sun soaked snowy mountains in Canada to the serene surroundings in southern Scotland.

Once you manage to untwist your tongue, take a look at the first video. ‘Whistler Shred Monkeys’ recorded in Whistler, Canada, features some amazing skiing and snowboarding down some very tricky slopes – or ‘shredding’ as junglemowgli, the creator of the video calls it!

Lapsed, our second video takes the opposite extreme. Take a deep breath and relax as Iain Wallace guides us through his time lapsed adventure, from glorious sunsets through to busy city traffic.

Unfamiliar with N8 Producers? Produce a truly incredible video on the Nokia N8 and you will be in with the opportunity to win a Zero Gravity flight!

The deadline for N8 Producers entries has been extended. The closing date is now February 6th, all the more time to get the creative juices flowing and your entries in here.