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GLOBAL – The end of the week surely calls for a weekly round-up, yes? The mobile blogosphere is a rich and varied thing. It’s like a box of Jelly Belly jelly beans with a million and one flavours. The job of this post is to pick out some of the finest flavours that you may not have encountered before and pass them on to you fine people. Open our selection and take your pick.

  • Great to see Techcrunch publish an interesting post on innovative new companies based in Finland. As Nokia’s science boffins can attest, the cold winters and dark days clearly lead to some great ideas being born. The comments thread seems to have gone a little crazy, though.
  • Check out Steve Litchfield at All About Symbian with an article entitled ‘House of cards syndrome and putting your faith in a company like Nokia’. Fortunately, his main point is that a fully tricked-out Nokia isn’t like a house of cards: it’s more like a house of reinforced concrete.
  • When we mentioned it in the 2010 top apps poll, a Symbian^3 version of Shazam wasn’t currently available. Fortunately, it didn’t take them very long to correct that problem with a great new Qt-tastic version appearing earlier this week. (via. Symbian Freak)
  • Not Web and not a blog post, but it’s worth knowing that there’s a new book out on ‘Beginning Nokia Apps Development’. Those of a technical nature may also want to know about the Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview release that came out yesterday.
  • Nokia phones are built to give great reliability. But even they can’t help if a rogue frog has taken down a whole chunk of the mobile network. True story from Oz.
  • Big numbers alert. In the middle of last year, China had 277 mobile internet users, we reported on Thursday. Things move quickly: the country ended the year with more than 850 million mobile users, according to this report. Should pass a billion within the next three months at this rate of growth.

So what did we miss this week that you think that we should have mentioned?