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January 21, 2011

From Finland With Love: Why the Nokia N8 is like James Bond

Last week we were shaken and stirred by the news that a new James Bond film will begin production this year. Like most men, we’ve often wondered what it would be like to be the tuxedo clad secret agent. But as we read details of his new exploits, we realized that 007 has a lot more in common with our Nokia N8 than he does with us.

It’s practically invincible

Think about it. James Bond has been in twenty odd films. He’s been shot at, thrown out of windows, bombed and tossed in pools full of crocodiles yet he’s still working as hard as ever. The Nokia N8 might not outlast the crocodiles, but with its gorilla glass and brushed aluminum shell it can take punishment that even Mr Bond would find hard to survive unscathed.

Has a way with the ladies

Other than his killer instinct and love of women, James Bond is probably known for one key attribute: Style. Bond always looks fantastic, no matter what the occasion, be it hanging in the casino or battling the bad guys. No phone in the world comes in such a fantastic array of stylish colours as the N8. It doesn’t do a bad job pleasing the ladies either. Just ask Pinja from the Mobile Computing Design team.

Uses technology inventively

While James’s physical prowess and good looks certainly come in handy, he also uses technology in an incredibly versatile way, from X ray glasses to a stun gas cigarette or explosive toothpaste. The Nokia N8’s technology is usually put to more peaceful, yet no less inventive uses. Take the N8 controlled house for example. Now that’s something even Q would be proud of.

Helps save the world

But what’s the point of all these attributes if you don’t put them to good use? Well, our man 007 does that in the very best way possible. Time after time, he helps save the world from disaster. The N8 alone isn’t quite so heroic, but with your help, it can make a big difference to people worldwide. After the Haiti quake, for instance, the American Red Cross took $10 million in micro donations in 48 hours. Download the Oxfam app, and your Nokia N8 can be a real life-saver too.

While having a device Bond would be proud of isn’t as exciting (or dangerous) as living the life of a secret agent, we think owning a Nokia N8 still gives you a license to thrill. We’re sure Miss Moneypenny would agree.