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January 24, 2011

10 things you didn’t know about Nokia!

How well do you really know Nokia? Well, most of us know that they manufacture mobile phones and perhaps that they’re a Finnish based company. Perhaps even that the current President and CEO is Steven Elop, former Microsoft head of business, and the first non-Finn to be named CEO of Nokia. There are plenty more interesting nuggests of information that you probably didn’t know about Nokia – take a look at the 10 interesting facts you didn’t know about Nokia that we’ve pulled together below!

1. The name Nokia comes from the river ‘Nokianvirta’ which flows through the town ‘Nokia’ in the region of Pirkanmaa.

Nokianvira River courtesy of virtual tourist

2. Before focusing on telecommunications products, Nokia produced tyres, rubber boots and televisions, amongst others products!

3. The Nokia theme tune was originally composed by Francisco Tarrega, an influential Spanish composer and guitarist of the Romantic period.

4. The ‘special’ tone on Nokia phones when receiving SMS messages is actually Morse code for ‘SMS’.

5. The world’s first GSM call was made in 1991 in Helsinki over a Nokia-supplied network, by then Prime Minister of Finland, Harri Holkeri, using a Nokia phone.

6. A pulse analyser, designed in 1962, was the first electronic device produced by Nokia

7. Nokia’s first handheld mobile phone was the Mobira Talkman, launched in 1984. Its price was approximately €4,560 (in today’s money).

8. Nokia’s first touch screen phone was the Nokia 7710, launched in 2004.

9. In May 2007, Nokia’s 1100 handset was the best-selling mobile phone of all time and the world’s top-selling consumer electronics product.

10. For you Nseries fans out there. The Nokia N70, N90 and N91 were released simultaneously and were the first Nseries devices ever launched.

How many did you know? If you knew between 0-3, you need to start brushing up on your Nokia knowledge, 4-7 you’re a Nokia know-it-all. If you got between 8-10 you may consider yourself the fountain of all Nokia knowledge and I’d consider applying for a job with Nokia! 😉

There are lots more interesting facts our there. Old or new, short or long, just comment by clicking on the Nokia Nseries link and enlighten us as to what they are. Good luck!