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January 25, 2011

#N8DirectandProject – the next steps

If you were offline last week and didn’t hear about the #N8DirectandProject event in Vancouver, we have all the wrap up and details of the next stage right here.

April Smith has documented everything that happened on the night, including snaps of most of the movies (like the one from ‘Grow’ above) – along with some video highlights of the judging, pics with the winner and of the demos and chatter going on around the event.

The winner on the night, Josephine Anderson, has also posted about the experience – saying she is ‘honoured and humbled’ to have been chosen to win the first prize.

The winning doesn’t stop there, though. Over on the Nokia Canada YouTube channel right now are the top ten judges’ picks. You have the chance to decide which of these are worthy of coming second and third to Josephine’s entry. The winner will be decided by a most views multiplied by ratings equation – so get over there and check them out !