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GLOBAL – Word has come in from the folk over at the Ovi Blog that there’s been an update to the Social app on the new Symbian devices, raising the version to V1.3. Grab your Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01 or Nokia C7 and log into Social for an automated update, bringing you the retweet function on Twitter, increased image upload size, increased phonebook integration, plus more to make connecting with friends easier.

On our devices, the update arrived automatically when you log into Twitter or Facebook after loading up the Social app. However, if you haven’t seen the message yet, open Social, press ‘options’ and ‘update service’ to download the new file.

Here’s what the update includes:

  • Now you can see your friends status updates, right from their Contacts Card, reminding you of their latest thought before you actually ring them.
  • The Linked Contacts Indicator lets you easily see what friends on your social networks have been synced to the contacts in your phonebook.
  • If you’ve taken a photo and want to upload it straight to your Facebook page, you can now add a caption to give it some more personalisation.
  • Image upload size has been increased, so you can now share images up to 4 MB in size, giving a much clearer end-result.
  • Twitter now has the retweet function. Don’t forget to RT to let everybody know.

There’s more planned for 2011, so keep your eyes peeled for anything else that may come up and also let us know what you think of the new updated Social 1.3

UPDATE: Thanks a lot for the feedback, message received loud and clear. It appears we still have a bit of work to do. The team is hard at work on a workaround that will allow you to download an upgrade to the latest 1.3 social client. As soon as we have that site operational we will let you know. We are sorry for this inconvenience and stay tuned to Conversations.