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GLOBAL – HD voice. We’ve already talked about what it is, but what does it actually sound like? How much better is it, than non-HD voice enabled phones? Well, if a picture says a thousand words, then this HD voice example will surely say a thousand more. You have to hear it to believe it.

Martin Stanford from Sky News, makes a phone call from a HD voice-enabled Nokia phone and a competitor’s phone, without HD voice. The difference is crystal clear, as his video below demonstrates.

Martin speaks to Andrew Warner from Orange, who has this to say about non HD voice technology:

We’ve squeezed more speech information into our network. So at the moment, with normal phone calling, only a very small portion of your voice is actually transmitted, which makes it actually quite hard to hear phone calls. That means background noise is more of a problem.

He continues:

What were doing now is using a much cleverer system. So we can use the same resource on the system, but actually squeeze more of your voice into it.

This demo shows HD voice being transmitted through the Orange network, who are currently pushing this new technology. Gone are the background noises, giving the caller a much clearer sound without any interruptions such as background noise and hissing.

Is HD voice something that would make a real difference to you? We’d like to see it on every phone, so what do you think?

image credit: katybate