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ORLANDO, USA – IBM and Nokia started a collaboration back in 2008 to bring IBM’s mobility solutions to Nokia’s smartphones with the first release of Lotus Notes Traveler for the Symbian platform. The partnership is still very active and is soon to bear fresh fruit. Improved and upgraded Lotus solutions will soon be available for the new Symbian powered devices.

Lotusphere 2011 is an event held in Florida each year and is currently underway, ending on February 3rd. It’s an event attended by thousands of people eager to hear the latest news from Lotus. It’s where IBM showcases the products currently available and offer a glimpse to the things that may lie ahead. This year, some of the new solutions on display, show Nokia’s and IBM’s continual commitment to bringing trusted business-solutions to users, especially with the new devices running the new symbian, such as the Nokia E7, Nokia N8 and Nokia C6-01. These Lotus solutions have already existed on Nokia phones of course – on previous S60 devices – but they’ve been upgraded to run perfectly with a new UI experience.

Lotus Notes Traveler

Users of Lotus Notes Traveler will be able to make use of the Lotus Domino Server. Which means you’ll have access to your corporate email, calendar, address book, journal and the to-do list, making your entire work desk portable.

Lotus Mobile Connect

A mobile virtual private network (VPN), Lotus Mobile Connect features data encryption and extra security features to keep you safe when connecting to the network.

Lotus Sametime

Think of Lotus Sametime as a way of communicating with your colleagues in a realtime environment. Instant Messaging, in other words. Want to know the latest figures, or get an update on a client’s share prices when you’re on your way to a meeting? Ask a colleague over the network, and they’ll let you know.

Lotus Connections

If you’ve done business with anybody, you’ll have made a contact, and that can be useful. Often it’s not what you know, but who you know. Lotus Connections is a social network where you can connect with the people you work directly with, or with people you’ve met through business.

These IBM Lotus solutions, will be coming to the new Symbian powered Nokia devices shortly and IBM will be making continual updates over the months and years to come, to enhance the user experience and give its contomers better functionality. Ensuring you’re connected to your office, when you’re not actually there.

Jan Kenney, IBM Lotus Product Manager for Lotus Notes Traveler and Lotus Mobile Connect, told us that:

For people using these Lotus solutions on their Nokia devices, you get the same experience as you would from a computer. So it’s business as usual.

Are you eager to get Lotus onboard your new Nokia device? Let us know, below.